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Industrial Manufacturing
AppScape ERM solutions provide visibility, control and predictability for customers, enabling them to take charge of their energy and carbon footprint.
Enabling effective cost reduction through energy management in an increasingly competitive landscape
Worldwide overcapacity has created price pressures that are particularly challenging for industrial manufacturers that are already having a tough time managing their overall productivity and costs. Effective and optimized use of energy can be the difference between profitable or going out of business. AppScape’s ERM Solutions enable industrial manufacturers to track, optimize and predict their energy and emission footprint in real time leading to a direct savings to their bottom line.

AppScape ERM Solutions offer the following benefits:
Measure, Monitor, Control and Reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint by up to 20%

Bring Visibility and Accountability at a manageable, granular level in the manufacturing value chain to control costs

Real-time control and Optimization for energy consumption to better handle energy cost fluctuations

Identify and Establish ley performance areas and indicators for reduced energy consumption

Establish Baselines and Track Trending for energy consumption and carbon footprint including Time of Use, Demand Response and more for processes and equipment

Establish departmental charge backs for energy consumed

Identify inefficient cross-departmental energy processes, equipment and more

Compute energy consumption and carbon footprint per unit of end product produced

Establish workflows for Regulatory compliance

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