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AppScape EM solutions provide visibility, control and predictability for customers, enabling them to take charge of their energy and carbon footprint.
Enabling improved productivity and availability through effective energy management
Global energy demand will continue to grow over the next decade. Emerging markets will continue to drive an increasing demand on energy production for consumption in homes, industries, manufacturing, transport and more. Improved productivity and optimization are requirements for the Energy industry. AppScape’s EM Solutions enable the Energy industry to track, optimize and predict energy consumption, losses and demand response. AppScape’s Renewable Energy offerings can further enable demand response during certain peak hours of the day.

AppScape EM Solutions offer the following benefits:
Measure, Monitor and Optimize the production and use of energy across multiple power plants

Track energy efficiency losses through transformers, transmission losses and more

Real-time tracking of energy demand

Identify and Establish key performance areas and indicators for reduced energy losses within sectors and key equipment

Establish Baselines and Track Trending for energy production, energy consumption and carbon footprint including Time of Use, Demand Response and more for power plants

Track emissions and environmental footprint across multiple power plants

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