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AppScape EM solutions provide visibility, control and predictability for customers, enabling them to take charge of their energy and carbon footprint.
Enabling sustainable chemical manufacturing through energy optimization and environmental sustainability
The chemical industries are a cornerstone of the world economy, converting raw materials such as oil, natural gas, air, water, metals, and minerals into thousands of various products. Chemicals are key materials for producing an extensive assortment of consumer goods. They are also crucial materials in creating many resources that are essential inputs to the numerous industries and sectors of the global economy. Chemical industries are the second largest user of energy in the manufacturing sector hence energy usage is a vital component of the chemical manufacturing process. AppScape’s EM Solutions enable chemical manufacturers to track, optimize and predict their energy and emission footprint in real time.

AppScape EM Solutions offer the following benefits:
Measure, Monitor and Optimize the use of energy from supply chain to end product including by products

Track consumption across processes, sub-processes, machinery and more

Track energy efficiency losses through instrument air, machinery, steam and more

Real-time tracking of energy consumption per product and by-product

Identify and Establish ley performance areas and indicators for reduced energy consumption within processes and key equipment

Establish Baselines and Track Trending for energy consumption and carbon footprint including Time of Use, Demand Response and more for processes and equipment

Track emissions and environmental footprint for the Plant, segregated by processes, production lines, products or by-products

Track waste (solid, liquid and gas) for each product line

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