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Agriculture & Food
AppScape EM solutions provide visibility, control and predictability for customers, enabling them to take charge of their energy and carbon footprint.
Enabling energy visibility, control and predictability from field to fork
Agriculture and food are arguably the world’s most important industries and have become increasingly dependent on energy. As agricultural and food products progress from field to fork, AppScape’s EM Solutions can actively track and optimize energy usage throughout the process. Our stand-alone or integrated EM Solutions assist organizations that are involved in agrochemicals, seed, bio fuels, fertilizers, farm machinery and supplies, logistics, processing facilities, preparation of fresh produce for market and prepared food products.

AppScape EM Solutions offer the following benefits:
Measure, Monitor, Control and Reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint throughout the process

Track actuals for major and minor processes with Harvesting, Processing, Packing, Transportation and more

Track energy efficiency losses across processes, shifts and more

Track water consumption and wastage through the process including recapture of steam during processes

Real-time control and Optimization capability for energy consumption per unit of extracted and finished product

Identify and Establish ley performance areas and indicators for reduced energy consumption within processes and key equipment

Differentiate and Track energy consumption in real time, based on current, best practices, practical and theoretical energy consumption

Establish Baselines and Track Trending for energy consumption and carbon footprint including Time of Use, Demand Response and more for processes and equipment

Reduce data uncertainty by Automated Data Collection

Track emissions footprint for Production, Waste and By-Products

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