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AppScape EM solutions provide visibility, control and predictability for customers, enabling them to take charge of their energy and carbon footprint.
Enabling optimization in energy consumption while reducing environmental impact
Due to fierce competition and oversupply, the automobile industry has increasingly adopted energy management as a means to reduce their energy footprint. AppScape’s EM Solutions can deliver and further enhance/supplement any exiting EM solutions. Providing visibility that reduces plant base and peak loads.

AppScape EM Solutions offer the following benefits:
Measure, Monitor and Optimize the use of energy throughout the process

Track consumption across processes, sub-processes, machinery and more

Track energy efficiency losses through instrument air, machinery and more

Real-time tracking of energy consumption per vehicle or component

Identify and Establish ley performance areas and indicators for reduced energy consumption within processes and key equipment

Establish Baselines and Track Trending for energy consumption and carbon footprint including Time of Use, Demand Response and more for processes and equipment

Track emissions footprint for the Plant, segregated by processes, assembly lines, products or sub-components

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