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Agriculture & Food
Enabling energy visibility, control and predictability from field to fork
Enabling optimization in energy consumption while reducing environmental impact
Enabling sustainable chemical manufacturing through energy optimization and environmental sustainability
Enabling effective energy use, waste reduction and improved reliability
Life Sciences
Enabling lean processes through effective EM
Industrial Manufacturing
Enabling effective cost reduction through energy management in an increasingly competitive landscape
Enabling improved productivity and availability through effective energy management
Oil and Gas
Enabling highly efficient and sustainable energy consumption
AppScape EM – Empowering Energy Intelligence
AppScape enables corporate executives to intelligently source, monitor, manage and consume energy resources, while complying with carbon footprint standards set forth by regulatory agencies. Leveraging its leading AppScape® Energy Management (EM) Suite, AppScape develops and markets a comprehensive EM solution comprising of Advanced Instrumentation, Hardware, Energy Intelligence Software, Web-based applications and Systems Integration. AppScape provides the EM solution with industry-specific content as a stand-alone software suite as well as a pre-engineered appliance to provide rapid payback within the first year of deployment.
Latest News
AppScape announces its OEM partnership with Oracle® Corporation: AppScape, a leading Global Energy Management Solutions provider, announces its OEM Partnership with Oracle Corporation.
AppScape announces its OEM partnership with MicroStrategy®: AppScape, a leading Global Energy Management Solutions provider, announces its OEM Partnership with MicroStrategy.
AppScape joins the SAP HANA Startup Focus program : Leading Enterprise Energy Management Solutions provider announces comprehensive, industry-specific Energy Management Suite for Agri-business.

"We look forward to working with AppScape and developing energy and sustainability best practices that allow us to mitigate risk, reduce cost, create greater efficiencies and help accelerate the transformation of our business in a sustainable way."
Mr. P.T. Vikram Prasad, Managing Director
Nava Bharat Ventures Limited
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